raised with love in moore county, nc


Animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability. That is what Riley’s Ranch is all about.

175 acre family farm located in Moore County, NC

We are dedicated to the use of sustainable farming practices which include rotational grazing on our fresh pastures and woodlands with access to natural spring water, the use of compost on our gardens and pastures instead of dangerous chemical fertilizers. We strive to minimize any land or water contamination on our farm by avoiding the use of pesticides and by using strategic fencing around our ponds. We have selected animals that are good foragers and are planting crops that are indigenous to our area or do well in our climate, with no antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals added to our animal’s diets.


We raise both Angus & Shorthorn cattle as well as Heritage chickens


Both our Angus and Shorthorn cattle are raised on our beautiful Bermuda pastures with plenty of space to graze and enjoy the Carolina sunshine.

Riley’s Ranch has 21 free range heritage chickens at Riley’s Ranch, happily scratching in the dirt, digging up nice dust baths…..


“Not only does our farm provide a healthy alternative for putting good food on our family’s table, but it enables us to share this bounty with others in our community who are like minded.”


“We both share the goals of providing REAL food to folks that have experienced it and to those to whom it may be a new experience, and to help promote these special heritage breeds whose numbers are slowly coming back. We welcome you and your family to visit the farm. Bring your kids, so they can see where their food comes from, where chickens can be chickens just like God intended—scratching and pecking to their hearts content; and where cows can be cows, grazing on our tall green grasses and taking lazy naps under the pines.”

-DAvid & Melanie Riley